Goldart auctions modern masterpieces and digital art

Goldart Ghildus art gallery presents its exclusive no 131 auction on October 13, 7 p.m., gathering refined art deco objects, exotic figurines, Orthodox icons, contemporary traditional art or, on the contrary digital art works.

The art lovers will find portraits and genre paintings by Nuni Dona, Rudolf Schweitzer-Cump?na, Eugen Cr?ciun, Gheorghe Ionescu Sin, Anatol Vulpe, Iosif Iser and Nicolae Tonitza; remarkable landscapes by Costin Ioanid, Alma Redlinger, Alexandru Phoebus, Iosif Steurer, Ludovic Bassarab, Aurel B?e?u, Otto Briese, Kimon Loghi; and last but not the least, the still life paintings is abundantly represented by Ion Theodorescu Sion, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Constantin Isachie Popescu, Niculina Dona Delavrancea works.

Apparently a mere oil painting transfer of a Japanese stamp, Tonitza’ s “Japanese lady” is the evening star, undoubtedly  ranking among the artist’s masterpieces. Tonitza comprises the character’s face in the rhythmic dance of adornments, appealing to the setting of a complicated choreography in order to emphasize the woman’s grace and delicacy. The character’s sweet face is getting beyond the decorative function in order to suggest introspection and diffident meditation. The price is valued to 110,000-150,000 euros.

Iosif Iser’s “Rest” and “Young lady in Tatar costume” represent two young Tatar girls resting and are real proofs of the artist’s bend for Oriental art and for depicting the permanence of a dignified humanity, beside the usual exotic or scenic connotations of the leit-motive.

In “Carnations and doll still nature”, Ciucurencu appeals to a concise expression, consisting in a few delicate and fresh tinges in order to express purity and originality. The painting is auctioned for 10,000-15,000 euros.

According to gallery’ s release, the objects put on auction are also exhibited at GOLDART Ghildush Gallery, Intr. I.L. Caragiale 1 on the following schedule:

Monday to Friday (6-10 October) – 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Monday, 13 October – 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.



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