HIROMI about touring with Edmar Castaneda: It is a unique combination of instruments

by Monica Apostol

The avant-garde piano and the magic harp will come to live on the same stage in Romania this Saturday. More details about tickets’ price via Eventim. HIROMI duet featuring EDMAR CASTAÑEDA is coming for the first time in Bucharest, Romania, in an special show at the Romanian Athenaeum (Ateneul Roman) on October 21, as of 8 p.m.

In an exclusive interview, Hiromi told us about her lifetime passion and about the unique experience of her duo with Edmar Castaneda, an orginal encounter between the piano and the harp.

Thank you very much for giving me this interview. The very first question should be… how did you fall in love with this instrument? How did you know that piano was “meant” for you?

It is such a special instrument, it can be an orchestra on its own, more you play, more things to explore, piano has been always my best teacher and my best friend. I and Yamaha pianos are coming from same hometown Hamamatsu, we are very close to each other.

You are incredible on stage, you send to the audience emotions, tones of colors of different kind of emotions. Who is the real HIROMI? Is she romantic, she likes walking through the park, she drinks coffee? Who is she behind the curtain?

Real Hiromi loves playing the piano, playing piano is my professional occupation but at same time my greatest hobby. Piano makes me to connect to people, friends, family, people are always smiling around the piano. If I have to add one more thing, I love drinking green tea.

You performed with huge artists from the beginning. Now, there is this very interesting duo with Edmar. We can hardly wait to see you in this project. Which is your vibe regarding this musical combination, now that you had some concerts in this very unique complex duo? Is it only experimental? Did you find out something new in your musical approach?

It is a pure music of passion. I met Edmar in Montreal Jazz Festival in 2016, and I instantly knew that we share a same musical language, and I invited him to my blue note NY week following month, and playing together was very magical as if we have played already for so many years before. It is a unique combination of instruments, but it is a brand new musical adventure for everyone. Music with the full of energy.

Can you describe your most beautiful moment in your life, in your music life?

When I get to go to the beautiful cities around the world and get to play my music and can share the once in lifetime musical experience with the audience.

Please, a message for your fans in Romania and something about the concert at Ateneul Roman?

I am very looking forward to be back in Bucharest again and see you all and also play in the venue which looks so beautiful.

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