How many visitors did the Night of Museums 2023 event welcome?

People have queued this year as well for the 19th edition of the Night of Museums, held this year simultaneously both in Romania and Republic of Moldova. Overall, there were 238,935 visitors, of which 60,992 people in Bucharest alone attending the big event held in 351 museum and cultural spaces in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

“After the partial centralization of the data provided by the representatives of 80 objectives (22.79 pct of the total number) connected to the circuit of the two countries, the attendance figure was 238,935 visitors, of which 60,992 visitors only in Bucharest. Ten per cent of the population of Sighetu Marmatiei (Maramures County), 83,741 visitors to Iasi (73.91 pct centralized figures) and 46,979 visitors to Sibiu. The data from the Republic of Moldova will be centralized in the coming days,” the National Network of Museums in Romania (RNMR) informed.

“On 13 May, museums transformed cities into effervescent spaces and offered memorable experiences to hundreds of thousands of visitors. The Night of Museums has demonstrated for 19 editions this extraordinary and transformative power of museums, and the impressive number of people who come to this event shows that society has a real need for museums. We can have ‘museum nights’ every day if we get the resources to be what museums have the capacity to be permanently – the most beautiful and transformative spaces in the world,” Dragos Neamu, manager of the Night of Museums, said.

The Night of Museums 2023 was the first joint edition of Romania and the Republic of Moldova, being present in Bucharest and Chisinau, but also in over 90 localities in the two countries, which geographically covered 38 counties and 5 districts of the neighboring country.

For instance, 2,350 people visited the Museum of National History in Bucharest on Saturday night.

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