“I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen!” – the scientific crime

The Czech Center in Bucharest continues the Fiction Tuesdays with a new film, a SF comedy, „I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen!” directed by Oldrich Lipský to be screened tomorrow, March 27, at 8 p.m.

„I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen” is a futurist sci-fi comedy about the explosion of an atomic bomb that causes infertility and all women have beards. At an UN summit, there is the proposal to build a time machine as a solution for this situation. Scientists thus decide to travel in time by this machine, back in 1911, to assassinate….Albert Einstein. The idea was that, lacking the famous physicist’s theories, the atomic bomb would not have been invented anymore.
Oldrich Lipský is the founder of the Czech sci-fi comedy tradition, boasting films like:„Muz z prvního století” (Man from the First Century, 1961), „Adéla ještě nevečeřelá” (Dinner for Adele, 1977), „Tajemství hradu v Karpatech” (Mystery of the Carpathian Castle, 1981) and „Zabil jsem Einsteina, pánové!” (I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen!, 1969).

You will discover in the film to be screened tomorrow how the idea of a selfie stick is emerging for the first time. The comedy reminds, here and there, of „Barbarella” by Roger Vadim, approaches topics like war, love and sex, all peperred with a little bit of aversion to the modern science and with subtle jokes about the political context of the 60s, raising points about the way the premature death of Albert Einstein, the founding father of the modern physics, has influenced the evolution of life on our planet. Unlike the typical sci-fi films related to time travel, usually going to the far away future, this comedy takes a leap back, more precisely back in 1911.

The screening is due at the Czech Center (11 Ion Ghica street), on March 27, at 8 p.m. Gates open at 19:30. Entrance is free, Romanian subtitle.
Facebook event here.

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