Long Night of the Museums in 50 museums in Bucharest and over 100 countrywide

The 15th edition of the Long Night of the Museums due on Saturday, May 18 in Romania, with lots of surprises and novelties in store: exhibitions, artistic experiments and events, screenings, dance performances and theatre plays or concerts. Hundreds of museum institutions and unconventional exhibition spaces, next to other cultural venues have enrolled this year and will open their gates for visitors a whole night.

Among the 50 museums joining the event in Bucharest up to this moment there are: National Peasant Museum, „Grigore Antipa” Natural History Museum, Romania’s National Art Museum, National Geology Museum, „George Enescu” Museum, Museum of Bucharest, National Museum of Romanian Aviation, National Museum of Firemen, „Vasile Grigore” Art Museum, Cotroceni National Museum,  Romanian Railways Museum, National Museum of Contemporary Art, „Dumitru Furnica Minovici” Museum of Old Western Museum, National Museum of Maps and Old Books, National Museum of Romanian Literature, Museum of Architecture and Urbanism University „Ion  Mincu”, Museum of the Polytechnic University.

There will be some new comers joining this edition as well, such as the Museum of Recent Art (MaRe), Museum of Romanian Records, Museum of Paintings in Motion empowered by Qreator and also the smallest mobile museum, organised by „Madrigal-Marin Constantinescu” National Chamber Choir. This will be a touring museum, with exhibitions at the National Romanian Peasant Museum and Antipa Museum, also „dropping by” George Enescu Museum and the Museum of Art Collections, up to „Carol I” Central University Library and Bucharest Museum-Sutu Palace.

At the same time, the building of the National Geology Museum will be the host of a architectural lighting show tomorrow night.

The Long Night of the Museums is an event everyone expects. There are 50 venues joining the event in Bucharest, and over 100 museums and cultural entities around the country in 32 counties. We are really happy there is such a great interest for this event and we want the audience to perceive museums as some friendly spaces that they should visit more often”, said Dragoș Neamu, the manager of the Museums’ Night.

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