Moldovan living in Canada brings Eminescu’s masterpiece to life in 3D cartoon

Filmul “Luceafarul” facut de domnul Cebotari Ion a fost sters de youtube pentru incalcarea drepturilor de autor pentru inregistrarea audio Luceafarul – Mihai Eminescu, detinuta de AUDIOCARTI.EU, folosirea fara a avea vreun accept sau document scris in acest sens din partea noastra!

A Moldovan living in Canada has brought to life the masterpiece of Mihai Eminescu, the most famous Romanian poet. The young man turned “Luceafarul/ The Vesper” poem into a 3D cartoon. Ion Cebotari, a young man born in Nisporeni, Republic of Moldova, left the country together with his family and relocated to Canada, reported.

The young Moldovan is studying Art Scene en Animation at Laval University from Quebec.

Luceafarul/The Vesper by Mihai Eminescu has always been for me more than a poem. I broke into the poetry’s essence, let my imagination fly, I was 101% dedicated to capture exactly the subtility of the verses. I was involved in all stages of the production from the Development, Pre-production, Production and Post production, “ Ion Cebotari said.

The film lasts for 15 minutes and is available on YouTube.

Luceafarul/ The Vesper” is a narrative poem that Mihai Eminescu first published in 1883. It is considered his masterpiece, and of the Romanian literature in general, as well as one of the last milestones in Europe’s Romantic poetry. Mihai Eminescu spent ten years to write it.

The Vesper begins as a typical “one upon a time” fairy tale, with the heroine Cătălina, daughter of a royal couple, shown waiting impatiently for nightfall, when she gazes upon the Vesper, but the story will actually evolve as a self-reflection on the poet’s condition as a genius, and an illustration of his philosophy of love.

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