Dacian valuable jewelry and coins, belonging to Romania, recovered from smugglers

Over 500 Dacian coins and 18 Dacian silver jewelry, many of them one-off items, have been recently recovered and repatriated in Romania. The inestimable historic tokens will be presented during a press conference hosted by Romania’s National Museum of History on Thursday at 14:00hr.

The extremely valuable pieces have been recovered following extended searches in Salzburg conducted by the local Police in a case of cultural object smuggling.

Among the items, there are Dacian silver numismatic pieces issued in the second and third centuries B.C., but also Roman coins issued in the second century B.C. and A.D. These were the coins that circulated inside the Carpathian area and at northern Danube at that time.

Among the Dacian jewelry, there are some bracelets, a necklace with pendants, a chain and a spur. They date back in the first century BC and the first century AD, being made in the workshops located in the area inhabited by the Dacians, mainly in Transylvania, Salaj-Crisana region (western Apuseni mountains), Banat and Oltenia.

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