Neversea launches new site, opens registration for the 2024 edition

To facilitate access to all information, the organizers launched the new website and a new app, which fans can use to keep up to date, in real time, with the latest information about the festival, but they can also purchase festival passes in fast mode.

The new festival platform is already available on the web:, and the application, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store (all download links are available on the site), will include the log in part from the same account for everything the UNTOLD UNIVERSE means. The official festival website and app are linked and can simultaneously register a unified festival-goer account that can find information about all festivals: Neversea, UNTOLD, Massif & more to come.

Among the information users can already find in the app are: daily and hourly schedule, artist information, official releases, regulations, special campaigns, festival map, notifications of important moments happening during the festival and subscriptions and special packages. The entire experience offered by the NEVERSEA website and app is now truly easy and friendly, intuitive and adapted, visually and technically, to new technologies.

Fans registered for Neversea 2024 benefit from a RON 100 voucher for festival subscriptions

The organizers have officially launched the possibility to register for the 2024 edition: All festival-goers who are already looking forward to next year’s edition can sign up to be the first to benefit from tickets at a really special price. All fans who register on the platform and complete the questionnaire will benefit from 100 RON in the form of a voucher that they can use to purchase the festival subscription for 2024.

The organizers revealed, for the first time, what are the future benefits they are working on in the development of the application. For next year, users will be able to purchase their festival passes, for the 2024 edition, directly from the app. There will also be the option to pay in installments for the festival membership, and this does not require a credit card or a special installment card. A debit card is enough, and installments will be drawn monthly from the registered card.

Moreover, the online check-in and top-up process will be available from the same account, quickly, in just a few simple steps, starting from autumn. In addition, the top up can be done in installments, with the amount pre-set by the user, which amount will be debited from the registered card monthly.

For the 2023 edition, the same check in and top up process will be available, already communicated to users.

GAMIFICATION:In the future, all users of the new application, as well as those who choose to participate in the UNTOLD Universe festivals, will be able to enter a gamification process and will receive benefits and rewards.

NEVERSEA NFT ‘Dreamy Whales’ collection sold-out in a few hours

The digitization process in the UNTOLD Universe is a priority for the organizers. NEVERSEA Festival released a collection of NFTi, Dreamy Whales, which sold out within hours. The Neversea Festival becomes the first festival that succeeded in selling out a community collection and not by ticketing, on the part of Degen Culture. The Dreamy Whales universe has a Web2 component (Neversea Festival, Wild Whales party concept, Whale academy) and a Web3 component. In this way, a connection between the two worlds was created, with immediate applicability.

Dreamy Whales by Neversea Festival is a collection of 6000 NFT pieces, inspired by the Neversea Universe, which offers a number of benefits during the festival, but also the membership of a unique community – the Dreamy Whales community or “Boop Boop Tribe”, the first Digital Mega Trib – who will enjoy exclusive online, offline and Web3 experiences: distinctly themed parties, special guests, renowned artists and DJs.

During the NEVERSEA festival, all NTF holders will have: backstage access and VIP access to the Dreamy Whales Web3 Hub or access to the first Jungle Gym Beach in Europe (built post-festival on Neversea Beach), where they will could train for free, using sports equipment built from wood (provided by Sense4Fit, one of the main partners).

The Dreamy Whales NFT collection is created on the MultiversX blockchain, the 100% Romanian unicorn that develops blockchain technology.

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