New idea on the Romanian market…the Pokémon Dracula

A commercial producer from Arad is working on a Pokémon concept proposing that a new Pokémon Dracula should be designed and hidden in Romania. He even proposed PM Dacian Ciolos to get in touch with the company that created Pokémon Go for a potential partnership.

“A PR idea for Romania and it’s not only a PR one as it has also got economic potential. Mr. Dacian Ciolos, if you listen in, you might consider it. It’s a matter that can get serious, I am not kidding. We are developing a Pokémon Dracula concept…talk to the game producers, Nintendo/Niantic companies, allot a state budget for that…and we can hide these Pokémons in all beautiful and picturesque places in Romania, from Bran Castle to the beautiful forests in Romania. And we can get it in the pipeline in the international media (…) But you must move quickly, the phenomenon is spreading now,” Calin Coman says in a Facebook post, adding that he has already got in touch with the Pokemon Go producers.

Most of the net surfers commenting on the advertiser’s post welcomed his idea, naming it either brilliant or an opportunity to trade on the Pokemon hysteria or something worth being proud of. However, there were people saying that, despite being a good idea, it can fail, as it might be countered by those opposing the concept of Dracula.

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