Nightwish won’t call off gig in Bucharest, posting controversial message on Facebook

“Nightwish” Finnish band won’t cancel show in Bucharest due on December 10, posting on their Facebook page on Friday a controversial message: they said “it’s not worth it to betray their Romanian fans”, “just because some morons burned down a nightclub”. Later on Saturday, the band management apologized saying the message was their fault not the band’s.

More precisely, the Finnish rockers were popularizing their upcoming gig in Bucharest on Facebook when Romanians tried to explain them the tragic situation here following the ‘Colectiv’ club fire, suggesting that maybe the show should be postponed or cancelled.

Nightwish’s answer was:

So it was our fault? How can be s naïve? So we should just betray our Romanian fans and cancel the show just because some goddamn morons burned down a nightclub? Get real! We feel really sorry for all those victims and their families”.

Subsequently, the band edited the post by revising some terms and adding some sentences:

So we should just betray our Romanian fans and cancel the show just because some not-so-professional people burned down a nightclub and killed 38 people? We feel really for all those victims and their families. Now it’s exactly the right time to come over. You are not alone”.

However, some hours later, they treaded back their steps, posting the following message:

Dear people of Romania. We feel really sorry about the club fire and the victims and their families. We want to encourage all of you to carry on, even though it might be really hard at the moment. We truly respect the memory of all the victims. We will not have any pyro at our own show. Peace to all of you.

NIGHTWISH management
(We are also responsible about the previous posting and not the band)”.

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