Nordic Film Festival kicks off in Bucharest with great variety of movies

The second edition of the Nordic Film Festival has kicked off in Bucharest on February 19.

Movie lovers will be able to enjoy a wide range of films produced and directed by filmmakers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden, at Cinema Elvire Popesco (77 Dacia Boulevard) in Bucharest until Sunday, February 23.

The first edition of the festival took place in Bucharest two years ago.
The representatives of the French Institute said on Monday evening at the opening gala of the festival hosted by the institute that those five Nordic countries have a rich cinema cinema and a strong, particular presence on the world cinema stage. “Unfortunately, these Nordic films are not very present in Romanian cinemas, especially multiplexes, and this is why the initiative of this festival is so important and so welcome”.

Finland’s ambassador to Romania, H.E. Marjut Akola has stated, on behalf of all the Nordic ambassadors accredited in Bucharest, that the festival “has been a joint effort of all the Nordic embassies”.

The Nordic film industry is not Hollywood, but I think it’s better than Hollywood and it has been finally recognized also globally. Nordic film has a lot of offer, it comes to my mind the Swedish crime series, the Norwegian and Danish films and many others. We are proud that we have a very wide selection of the films, we have big dramas, true stories, comedies, documentaries, short films and war time films and this is why this festival is exceptional“, said the Finnish ambassador in the opening of the festival.

The ambassador added that the movies selected for the festival are good life stories, covering all range of emotions, from joy and happiness, to sorrow and disappointment. “But this is what films are all about, about our everyday life”, she said.



Thursday, February 20

The Stranger/2017/Denmark (documentary) – 16:30hrs

Void/2018/Finland (drama) – 18:30hrs

Becoming Astrid/2018/Sweden (drama)  – 20:30hrs


Friday, February 21

A Toad Story/2016/Norway (documentary) – 15:30hrs

Reflections/2016/Sweden (documentary) – 15:30hrs

And Breathe Normally/2018/Iceland (drama) –  18:00hrs

A Fortunate Man/2018/Denmark (drama) – 20:00hrs


Saturday, February 22

Hayflower, Quiltshoe and the Rubens Brothers/2017/Finland (film for children) – 11:00hrs

I am William/2017/Sweden (film for children) – 13:00hrs

Going West/2017/Norway (comedy) – 15:00hrs

Of Horses and Men/2013/Iceland (drama) – 16:45hrs

Goliath/2018/Sweden (drama) –  18:30hrs

Winter Brothers/2017/Denmark (drama) – 20:30hrs


Sunday, February 23

In the Forest of Huckybucky/2016/Norway (animation for children) – 11:00hrs

The Falcons/2018/Iceland (film for children) – 12:30hrs

Garden Lane/2017/Sweden (drama) – 14:30hrs

The Unknown Soldier/2017/Finland (historical film) – 17:00hrs

The King’s Choice/2016/Norway (drama, historical movie) – 20:30hrs

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