Norwave hits the road to TIFF 2015

TIFF International Film Festival 2015 due in Cluj-Napoca during May 29-June 7 will hold Norwave focus section presenting movies and music concerts from Norway to promote the Romanian-Norwegian cultural dialogue. The project is financed by SEE and Norwegian grants.

Thus, Norwegian atypical humour will be present through Bent Hamer Norwegian filmmaker, famous for “Factotum” after Charles Bukowski.

“In his presence, 1001 Grams film will be also screened in Cluj-Napoca. Norway’s submission for Oscars 2014, the film is a charming comedy about a woman researcher who is studying the perfect weight of a kilogram, while thus re-weighing her own life. 3×3 section will turn back to the filmmaker’s beginnings, at “Eggs” debut, then going to “Water Easy Reach” focused on a young sailor’s adventures while waiting in a port in Spain,” TIFF organizers informed in a press release.

TIFF will also host live concerts of Norwegian contemporary music performed by jazz pianist Tord Gustavsen, next to Afghan-German artist Simin Tander.

On June 2 the Norwegian night will take place at the Students’ Cultural Hall, when the Norwegian mini-orchestra Einar Stray is expected to perform. “Nine Lives” screening is scheduled to be a special moment within the night, as the Norwegian audience has voted it as the best Norwegian film of all times.

TIFF will enjoy the presence of script writer Stig Frode Henriksen, while screening horror parody “Dead Snow 1&2” (2009/2014) which tells the story of a group of teens confronting Nazi zombies.

“Miss Julie”, the most recent film directed by Liv Ullman, Ingmar Bergman’s muse and partner, will have a special screening at TIFF, while Anne Sewitsky’s new movie, the thrilling “Homesick” will be screened for the first time at Cluj Film Festival.

At the same time, two Norwegian products will be presented within EducaTIFF: “Operation Arctic”, a surviving lesson where three youngsters get to an island threatened by storms and polar bears, and “One Night in Oslo”, a story about friendships among teens.

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