, the e-hub where #together we re-adapt

Pandorra Story Style (the full service agency) has launched the e-hub –  a creative & positive manifesto – which encourage us to be strong, united, emphatic and incredibly adaptable during the pandemic. It is not a website, but a space where a group of super-friends of Pandorra have come together to share with you their experiences and knowledge. The e-hub brings in your home the one you love, whom you already follow – influencers, bloggers, vloggers – being creators of relevant content, who have gathered around them beautiful communities and are now turning into a super-team, with a super-goal: #together will get through everything!

„We were inspired by the current context and times, by our professional activity but especially by what happens to us all. Yes, we stay home but we chose to reinvent ourselves, to use the time we received to start this project. #reIMAGINE #together is the project initiated by the team of super-heroes that you have known for 10 years as Pandorra Story Style but it is, above all, an invitation for everyone to use their imagination, creativity and personal experiences in a constructive manner.

We invited alongside us friends whom we met on the way, and we invite everyone to imagine and to be creative. It is an invitation to play your cards, to continue the journey even if the landscape has changed, at least for the moment. In a context where we cannot control external circumstances, we also have the opportunity to reinvent or reinvent ourselves, to learn from what is happening to us and to share with others. The reIMAGINE friends share with you from their lives authentic experiences, and we invite you to do the same.

You can share your thoughts, you can share how you reinvented yourself, how you re-imagined a Monday maybe, a recipe you remembered or how you spend your free time, who inspires you or what book you are reading and, with your permission, we will share it with others because we can also be #together at home,” said Monica Măgureanu, founder of Pandorra Story Style.

Pandorrian internet surfer, on you can interact with the effervescent and unique Andreea Balaban, you can find your strength with a super-encouraging message from wonder woman Carmen Brumă, you can wonder around in delicious cuisines with the food blogger Cristi Dandeș, you can find your zen with Maria Nadolu – enthusiastic yoga instructor & wellness explorer, you can reinvent your style with the uber chic tips of Lucy Faur, develop your coolest daily routine with the goddess of wellness, Adina Halas, and so much more other virtual wild journeys alongside Pandorra Story Style friends – creators of good thoughts & deeds.

It is time to reinvent ourselves, to re-imagine our lives during and after this pandemic, and to adapt to a new reality that, together, we can (re)make it into an extraordinary experience. A vigorous and supportive reaction, the reIMAGINE e-hub offers you a safe and inspirational universe, where you can find useful information on how we can all help in these difficult times, tips & tricks on how to spend time at home in a constructive and creative way, interviews with a twist, essential business know-how for any entrepreneur eager to take action, smart & hip cultural recommendations, how does Pandorrians home office look, and so and so forth – all told with flair and positivism, in “optimist friendly “ quantities for an amazing state of mind.

You too can reinvent staying at home by re-imagining life the Pandorra Style! – send an e-mail to and every proactive thought, authentic experience or simply a message of encouragement will be published, with your consent, on the platform

#Together we learn to contribute to the well-being of all of us and to build a better reality!

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