Republic of Korea held National Day Reception and Korean Culture Night at the Romanian Athenaeum

The Republic of Korea’s National Day Reception celebrating the country’s 4,347th anniversary and the silver anniversary of the Korean-Romanian diplomatic ties took place on October 7 at the Romanian Athenaeum in a friendly atmosphere heated up by a perfect Korean Culture Night, performed by a duo of traditional Korean musical instrument players and a traditional Korean dance group.

H.E. Mr. Hyo-Sung Park, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Romania said in his speech that the republic’s National Foundation Day this year coincides with the Silver Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Romania back in 1990. “Our bilateral relations have noticeably strengthened in the political, economic and cultural fields, among others, over the years, and, more particularly, since the launching of the Strategic Partnership in September 2008. We are pleased and encouraged that both governments are working closely together to make the most of this milestone event to bring our bilateral relations to new heights,” the Korean Ambassador said.

His Excellency remembered that the embassy held a similar event last year at the same venue and on the same date, October 7th.

“Some of you may remember that we had rain last year when we celebrated our National Day, known as Gaecheonjeol, literally meaning the ‘Festival of the Opening of Heaven.’ When the Heavens open, – as opposed to when Heaven opens – then, as we know, you might expect some rain as well as, of course, the blessings, such as happened last year!

This year, we are lucky because we do not have rain, but we are still fortunate enough to continue to receive loads of blessings as we now celebrate the Opening of Heaven! So, first and foremost, I would like all of you and your families to enjoy numerous blessings of happiness, prosperity, and good luck from the Heavens!”

Regarding the Korean Culture Night program, Ambassador Hyo-Sung Park unveiled that the Korean musicians and dance group would introduce the audience in ‘an Aesthetic Musical Journey into Dynamic Korea and the Land of Morning Calm.”

The artistic program included a solo Daegeum piece (large transverse bamboo flute) moment in which the performer plays Taepyeongga an octave higher (Taepyeongga is one of the classical vocal pieces appreciated by the scholars of the Choseon Dynasty), a Sogo Dance, a traditional folk dance led by the powerful beat of Samul and the exciting melody of Tepyeongso, and also a moving Fan Dance, which is one of the most appealing folk dances of Korea, and a Jindo-Buk Dance, which is a traditional drum dance. Another moment was performed by Ji Young Hee School Haegeum Sanjo, a solo instrumental folk art music accompanied by drumming on the Janggu and by haegeum, a Korean stringed instrument played by drawing a bow across its two strings.

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