Romania to have a new shot at entering Brâncuși ensemble on UNESCO World Heritage List

The 140th birth anniversary of sculptor Constantin Brâncuși is marked today on February 19th, with the Romanian authorities announcing that they want to resume talks on enlisting the Brâncuși Ensemble of Târgu Jiu among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The bid file had been withdrawn by the Romanian government in 2014 following a recommendation by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).

The Gate of Kiss

Culture Minister Vlad Alexandrescu said in a Facebook post on Friday that Brâncuși’s birth anniversary is the best opportunity to bring into focus the exceptional value of the Brâncuși Ensemble of Târgu Jiu and its registration with the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Endless Column

“We are set to to redesign the scientific foundations of the file including the allocation of adequate time and skill resources, including by co-opting world experts in this area, as well as the necessary budgetary resources. Given the circumstances, we are expecting the file to be officially submitted to UNESCO in February 2018, at the earliest, with a proposal for prior consultations with the World Heritage Centre in September 2017,” says Alexandrescu.

The Table of Silence
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