Romania to have its first royal chocolate

The first Romanian chocolate products with royal name were launched at Elisabeta Palace on Monday night. The new chocolate brand “Kandia Regal” is including three sorts: the milk chocolate named after Princess Margareta, the dark chocolate with 55 pc cocoa named after Prince Radu and the dark chocolate with 75 pc cocoa “Peles Castle”. It is available on the shelves as of this week.

“We hope the royal chocolate will help Romanian brands to rest on next to the great European names. Chocolate is loved by all ages, by people around the world. Some countries have created part of their country brand through their chocolate’s types. In Romania, for more than 120 years, the Royal House has encouraged the national chocolate production. Each generation, starting with King Carol I and Queen Elisabeth attached their names to the Romanian chocolate. There was even a chocolate factory ‘Queen Mary’, set up in 1919,” Princess Margareta told the audience attending the event.

At the same time she announced the intention of personally granting four annual scholarships for the Romanian students as of this year, at universities in Bucharest and Chisinau.

Starting with November 2014, Kandia Dulce company became the official Supplier of the Royal House, a title granted by H.M. King Mihai I of Romania.



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