Romanian director’s movie, among the 20 most anticipated foreign films of 2015

Feature film “The Treasure” directed by Romanian Corneliu Porumboiu ranks among the 20 most expected foreign films of 2015, according to a top made by IndieWire. The movie tells the story and the misadventures of two men on a quest for a treasure.

“We’re not the biggest fans of Porumboiu’s last film, the meta-look at a director and his muse in “When Evening Falls on Bucharest, or Metabolism,” but we’re more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt solely based on his two brilliant films ’12:08’ and ‘Police,’ flag-bearers to the bleak but metaphysically absorbing features that comprise the Romanian New Wave. “The Treasure” (a working title) already under the international handling rights of Wild Bunch, was scheduled for a one-month shoot last October, so it should be well into post-production right now, scheduled for a 2015 release in Romania. The fact that it’s got such a vague premise, bordering on possible fantastical elements, gives us reason enough to believe it will be much different than ‘When Evening Falls,’ which is a good thing. When he’s on top form, his films are laden with thoughtful conversations and a slow-burning, calculated, direction, so fingers crossed,” IndieWire editors write.

Corneliu Porumboiu ranks among the most important director of the Romanian new wave cinema, along with Cristi Puiu, Cristian Mungiu or Radu Munteanu. Porumboiu was awarded Camera d’Or debut prize at Cannes in 2006 for “Was it or wasn’t?”, a comedy about how the 1989 Revolution was experienced in a country side town. In 2009 he won FIPRESCI prize and the jury prize of “Un Certain Regard” section also at Cannes with “Police, Adjective.”

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