Romanian Wins Best Actress at Miami Web Fest

Anca Vaida, was born in Târgu Mureș, Transylvania, has won the award for Best Actress at the 2022 Miami Web Fest for the role of Alex in the medical drama Psyched!. A real life Consultant Psychiatrist for the NHS in London, she also wrote and produced the series, casting over fifty actors and countless other members of the production crew.

Drawing from real mental health disorders and experiences, Psyched! follows the story of Psychiatrist Alex Ionescu and her role leading a thriving Community Mental Health Team in London, whilst trying to prevent her own personal life going off the rails.

Anca has lived in London, UK, since 2010, having also previously lived in the US & Spain, respectively. Whilst she is a woman of the world in the truest sense, she has never forgotten her roots and likes to look out for Romanian culture.

“I go back to visit Romania whenever I have the chance. I’m in touch with so many Romanian people in the arts- and of course, friends! I attend the Romanian Film Festival in London every year and I’m always proud to see the quality work on display,” she said.

Inspired by the work of Dr Anca Vaida in the National Health Service, Psyched! is a medical drama, set in London, based entirely on psychiatry. Including elements of comedy, it presents a realistic depiction of mental illness as encountered by mental health professionals.

The series centres on two lead characters, Dr Alex Ionescu (Anca Vaida) and Dr Imran Patel (Sajad Hussain) who, whilst working closely together, are at a complete juxtaposition with regards to both their professional and personal lives.

Dr Ionescu, the knowledgeable and popular Consultant Psychiatrist, leads her community mental health team with drive and assurance but, as a gay woman with an upbringing in  homophobic, small town Romania, she maintains a chaotic and often poignant love life.
Dr Imran Patel, a second generation immigrant, is conversely from a loving family, with a supportive, drama-free homelife. His position with the Liberty Mental Health Trust, however, represents his first job outside of medical school, leading him to discover that, in the fast-paced world of community care, you never stop learning!

The series is diverse not only in its portrayal of each, true to life medical condition but in its cast and crew, who combines to make up the rich tapestry of London life. With representation from the LGBTQIA+ community, different racial and cultural backgrounds and members of the differently abled community, Psyched! tells many stories across a broad spectrum of society.

The pilot already has over 50 international film festival wins and official selections (having won Best Pilot, Best Series, Best Script, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor) and episodes 2-8 are currently in post-production. The episodes are around 25-28 mins long.

Anca Vaida: Anca Vaida is a Romanian actress, director, writer and producer. Anca trained in acting at East 15 Drama school, London. She won 7 Best Actress awards at International Film Festivals for playing the role of Dr Alex Ionescu in the TV series ‘Psyched!’.

Some of Anca’s most notable projects include ‘Crossing continents’ on BBC radio, the film ‘Can We Order First?’ that premiered at the Berlin Short Film Festival, ‘Sorry, My Compassion is on the Blink’ at the Pleasance Theatre, and the play ‘Fine and Dandy’ at the King’s Head Theatre.

In her spare time when not acting, Anca is also a doctor working in the NHS and a huge The Walking Dead fan.

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