Scott Adkins, Dominic Purcell in Romania to shoot ”Vlad The Impaler:Blood Empire”

Actors Scott Adkins and Dominic Purcell will shoot in Romania for the ”Vlad The Impaler: Blood Empire” feature film. The movie directed by Keoni Waxman will be exclusively shot in Romania, as Castel Film marketing manager Bogdan Moncea told Mediafax. The main movie scenes are due to be shot on October 27.

The film will star Scott Adkins, known for his parts in ”The Bourne Ultimatum” and ”Zero Dark Thirty ” in Gypsy King role, but also Dominic Purcell, who acted in ”Prison Break”, ”Equilibrium” and ”Blade:Trinity”.

Apart from the myth, Dracula was a real person in flesh and blood. ”Vlad The Impaler: Blood Empire” follows the rise and fall of the mighty Romanian prince who is fighting to get its people united, but he is finally betrayed.


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