“#Selfie69” comedy tops box office in Romania

Romanian comedy “#Selfie69” directed by Cristina Iacob, released in Romanian theatres a week ago, brought 63,016 spectators so far, thus topping the box office in Romania on number of viewers and profits during September 19-25.

The film was released on September 16 (distributed by Zazu Film) and outranked the Hollywood productions in the Romanian theatres this week, which makes it the first best week of a Romanian movie in cinemas in the past 15 years.

The first weekend lured 25,000 spectators in cinemas to see “#Selfie69”.

After the adventure in the first part “#Selfie”, “#Selfie69” breaks the urban myth that marriage doesn’t bring happiness…on the contrary! However, to reach this conclusion, the three heroines, Roxi (Olimpia Melinte), Yasmine (Crina Semciuc) and Ana (Flavia Hojda) make a bet: “who is going to get married in three days?” Therefore, they embark on a crazy race full of temptations, dangers and pitfalls to win the totally insane bet that gets viral on Facebook.

The girls start the race to find the most-sought wedding ring, but after some unpredictable attempts and foreplays, they will discover love where they less expect it.

“#Selfie69” is the sequel of #selfie (2014), which was also the best sold Romanian film in 2014.

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