“#Selfie69” Romanian comedy to represent Romania at the Film Festival in Montreal

The most expected Romanian comedy of the year, “#Selfie69” directed by Cristina Iacob, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal, where the Canadian cinema elite is celebrating the best feature films in the world.

#Selfie69” will have three screenings within the festival’s Focus on World Cinema section on September 2,3 and 4, the same time with the movie’s premiere in Romania.

“Thank you so much Canada! Merci beaucoup, Montréal! It’s an honor to represent Romania at one of the most important film festivals in the world. The entire #selfie69 team is very happy that the film can be seen both in Romania and Canada and we hope we can prove that Romanians are both champions in love, action and comedy!,” filmmaker Cristina Iacob says.

#Selfie69 (2016) is the sequel of the successful #selfie movie, which was the best sold Romanian film in 2014. The sequel will be released in Romanian theatres on September 16, distributed by ZAZU Film.

In #selfie69, the three heroines of #selfie, Yasmine, Roxi and Ana take a video bet that gets viral on Facebook: which of them is to get married first in three days? They are about to found out that love is right under your nose even if you are looking for it in the most strange places. The lesson: don’t bet with love for it’s highly dangerous!

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