Street Delivery 2021 invites Bucharest districts to play

After 15 years of continuing presence in the public space, Street Delivery is inviting Bucharest district to tour the city by playing. The 2021 edition of the well-known local festival, due on July 2-4, is focused on childhood, adolescence and on recovering the city.

In the first weekend of July, when the third pandemic wave is expected to end, Street Delivery Bucharest will be ready to look to the city through the kaleidoscope of childhood, a place where ideas become games and games are serious.

The organizers say that the festival is meant to unveil a city “where the good practices are magnified, applied”, “a city with adopted landmarks, with spaces open to communities, a city seen by the child with an ice-cream in his hand, who wants to run and play”.

“We want to kick off the game through the neighbourhoods, to see the city through the children’s eyes, with their wonderful ability to turn every branch, any parking corner, any abandoned place into a fantastic kingdom. It’s time for joy, for recovery and rediscovery”, said Dorothee Hasnaș, Architects Order in Romania.

Street Delivery 2020 Iași – Raimund Mătășel

Street Delivery 2021 is re-imagining the city as a big board game with projects spread in the districts and recomposed online. Communities will be challenged to find solutions to live together, to make their life better, more ready for crisis situations. Now, more than ever, recovering the public space by the pedestrians has become a necessity.

Street Delivery is putting on its shorts, taking his ball under its arm, while redrawing the city as we would like it to be. Accessibility, safety, playgrounds” said in his turn Cristian Neagoe, Fundația Cărturești.

At the same time, Street Delivery and its partners will grant financial support for 10 projects, 500 euros for each, so it launches a call for projects so that ideas for a better city could be enforced.

The goal of these projects is to befriend inhabitants with their districts, either we talk about an urban treasure hunting, educational games, film screenings in gardens and parking lots, workshops on the staircases,  refurbished community gardens or mural paintings to colour up our strolls.

The projects could be: urban architecture projects, cultural projects, artistic ones (street art, installations, sculpture, etc), social projects helping communities, education, projects designed by teenagers and children.

Street Delivery Sibiu 2019

The organizers of the festival can give a helping hand to the projects, providing ideas, contacts, logistics elements, and also through mix & matches with the supporters.

Most of the events will be also available online, within a special live broadcasting programme.

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