Tandem Dance, a new project for blind persons

A new project to meet blind persons half way will launch in Bucharest on Saturday, May 23, starting 10 a.m. Tandem Dance gives sightless people a new chance to express themselves through dance in a project involving famous Romanian and Norwegian dancers and choreographers. The project financed by a grant offered by Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Romanian Government, aims to acquaint the visually impaired with new ways of perceiving the space, the relationship between movement and music, so that they should get more open and aware of the communication abilities of their own body.

The project is part of the program “Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Art within the European Cultural Patrimony”.

The event is due at the Central University Library in Bucharest (the entrance of 1 Boteanu street).

No later than last week, Bucharest hosted the first edition of Romania’s national film festival for the visually impaired, with famous Romanian movies among the screenings : “Aferim!” directed by Radu Jude; “Despre oameni si melci” (Of Snails and Men) by Tudor Giurgiu and “Dupa dealuri” (Over the Hills) by Cristian Mungiu. The screenings have been customized for visually impaired and blind people. The disabled spectators were given headphones while a narrator provided additional details in between the lines of the characters about the clothing of characters, facial movement, atmosphere and any other information that could enable them to understand the movie.



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