The 2022 edition of SoNoRo Festival kicked off

The first concert of the SoNoRo festival took place last Friday at the Bragadiru Palace near Bucharest, and the last concert will be on October 2, in Cluj-Napoca.

Theme of edition no. 17 is the Orient Express, inspired by the famous train, but also by famous travelers and their fabulous journeys: Hercule Poirot solved his most famous case on board this train, the lady from Alfred Hitchcock’s film disappeared from the same train, and James Bond went with him from Istanbul to London. The Orient Express train united two continents and is the symbol of an era when traveling was almost an art.

The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.”(Agatha Christie)

“When I say Orient Express I think of elegance, refinement, luxury, mystery, an adventurous life and exotic travels, but also the easy crossing of borders, a magical vehicle in which people from all corners of the world meet, stories and secrets intersect , intertwining destinies, even if only for a short time. It is a festival and a theme for the aristocrats of the spirit, and the vehicle is, in our case, music,” said Răzvan Popovici, Executive Director.

“The SoNoRo Orient Express Edition will celebrate and explore the art of travel, the anticipation, the dreams that prompt us to undertake a journey, the promise of a journey into the unknown, the exotic yet also mundane side that any journey brings with it. As long as we continue to travel in search of beauty, the artistic and musical impulse will direct us to the next place we want to go. We invite you to join us in this search!” said in her turn Diana Ketler, Artistic Director.

Established in 2006, the SoNoRo Festival brought chamber music to the forefront of Romanian cultural life and included the Romanian music scene in a network of high-profile European festivals. The SoNoRo cultural platform includes the SoNoRo Festival (17 years), SoNoRo Interferences, the program of scholarships and workshops for young musicians (16 years), SoNoRo On Tour (12 years), SoNoRo Arezzo (10 years), SoNoRo Mansion, the concert series summer events hosted by Romanian heritage buildings (10 years), SoNoRo Musikland, a festival dedicated to the heritage and traditions of Transylvania (4 years).

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