The Belgian short film Easter Eggs wins the 2021 Animest Trophy

Easter Eggs, the Belgian production signed by Nicolas Keppens, wins the Animest Trophy at the 16th edition of the International Animation Film Festival, the first organized in a hybrid formula, both in cinemas in the capital and online, available throughout the country.

Easter Eggs, directed by Nicolas Keppens

With this distinction, the award-winning short film will automatically be shortlisted for the Oscar-eligible films, voted by members of the American Film Academy. Animest is the only film festival in Romania that proposes films for the Oscars, starting with 2017.

“From the first comic scene to the dramatic sequence at the end, we were in love with the protagonists of this amazing story,” said Aneta Ozorek and Agnès Patron, two of the members of the jury, present at the Animest Awards Gala.16, organized on Saturday, October 16, at Refugiu Urban and broadcast live on the Facebook page of the festival.

Along with director and producer Špela Čadež, the two filmmakers also awarded the Best Student Film of the Year. The Butterfly Jam (directed by Shih-Yen Huang, France) impressed them with “a personal story whose end pierced them directly into the heart”. Two special mentions in this section were given to the short films Green (by Karolina Kajetanowicz, Poland) and Reduction (by Reka Anna Szakely, Hungary).

Awarded the Annecy Jury Prize, the feature film La Traversée / The Crossing (directed by Florence Miailhe) won the Animest jury and was named Best Feature Film presented at this edition. The decision was made unanimously by the animators Joanna Quinn, Izabela Plucinska and Mélody Boulissière, who gave a Special Mention to the director Michaela Pavlátová, the creator of the film My Sunny Maad.

The same three members of the jury awarded the Prize for the Best Romanian Film to the short film I Sit and Look Out (directed by Gabor Balazs), a variety of real and surreal images, which reflect social issues in an artistic form full of imagination. Start a New Call, directed by Lucian Barbu, “an invigorating combination of humor and observation”, received a Special Mention in the competition dedicated to local animated short films.

Maalbeek (directed by Ismaël Joffroy Chandouti, France), “a film that finds the perfect images to outline a story that could not be told in words”, won the Anidoc Competition Award for Best Animated Documentary at this edition ), in which a Special Mention was given to the Russian short film Life’s a Bitch, directed by Varya Yakovleva.

In the Animusic section, dedicated to the best animated music videos of the year, the grand prize was won by ‘Nights’ (played by Jesper Ryom), directed by Mathijs Luijten.

Nini Tuan, Claudia Ilea and Carla-Maria Teaha also offered a Mention to the video ‘Melancolia’ (interpretation Caravan Palace), signed by the artist Alina Popescu, from Romania.

The audience award went to the British film Affairs of the Art, directed by Joanna Quinn, special guest Animest.16. In the VR film competition, the prize of the edition was won by Dislocation, made by Veljko Popović and Milivoj Popović, according to the decision of the jury formed by Manu Weiss, Andreea Centea and Anna-Maria Popa.

The youngest and also the most demanding jury Animest offered the prize of the Minimest section to the French short film Migrants, made by Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte and Zoé Devise.

Balázs Orbán, the collector of legends, the project of the artists Fazakas Szabolcs and Bálint Hunor was named winner in the program Pitch, please !, awarded with a double accreditation for director and producer at CEE Animation Forum 2022 – the most important international event name in the animated film industry. A special mention was given to the Bean project, made by Dragoș Andrei Dobai and Merve Dobai.

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