The first test theatre show in Bucharest due at the National Theatre on May 15

The first test show in Bucharest will take place at the National Theatre (TNB) on May 15 with no mandatory facemask for spectators who are vaccinated against Covid-19.

The actors will perform the play “Dineul cu prosti/ The Dinner Game” on the TNB stage.

The only conditions for spectators will be to inform the organizers about their personal data.

Ion Caramitru, the manager of the National Theatre of Bucharest told Digi 24 that tickets for this test theatre show will be available online and each spectator will present the ID paper at the entrance.

Asked if spectators will wear facemasks, Caramitru replied: “Only if they want to“. He voiced hope the show will be sold-out.

A month ago, Culture minister Bogdan Gheorghiu said that they are working on two pilot programmes, inspired from those already enforced by other Western countries. More precisely, the pilot projects are meant to allow people who are vaccinated, tested against Covid or who had the infection to attend the shows.

The National Opera and National Theatre will be included in these pilot projects.

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