The most common words on Romania’s Wiki page

Every country’s Wikipedia page is filled with important information detailing the nation’s economy, culture, geography, and more.  But with such a massive amount of information covered on each country’s page, which words are most commonly used?
Crossword-Solver analyzed the Wikipedia page for every country to find the most uniquely popular word featured and discovered that Romania’s most common unique word on Wikipedia is Orthodox.
The wider study also looked at which other country is most mentioned on each nation’s Wiki page, and Romania mentions Hungary the most.
Key findings from the study also note that Europe has a mix of bureaucratic words (devolve [UK], insurance [Netherlands] & tax [Denmark]) plus some pretty obvious ones (saunas [Finland], eruptions [Iceland] & ancient [Greece]).
The survey also finds out that  Africa leads the way for natural resources such as cobalt (Congo), tobacco (Malawi) & diamond (Botswana, Lesotho & Namibia), while the United States’ most popular word on Wikipedia is native, while Mexico has a high count of the word indigenous.
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