The multi-award winning documentary Honeyland, screened in Bucharest

The multi-award winning documentary Honeyland is among the films screened as part of One Minute Older, an art and sustainability project initiated by Fundația9. Between October 3 – 5, the spectators in Bucharest are expected at Cinema Elvire Popesco, Rezidența9 and Teatrul Apollo111 to watch a series of documentaries that talk about man’s relationship with the planet and its resources, raising essential questions for the future.

On Monday, October 3, from 8:30 p.m., the Elvire Popesco Cinema will screen the documentary Burning in the Sun (2010, USA, dir. Cambria Matlow & Morgan Robinson), which follows the story of a young man from Africa who returns to his native Mali to start a solar panel business, the first of its kind. Daniel wants to bring electricity to villages that have never had power, and the challenges of a young African entrepreneur are completely different from those in Europe or the US. But the new generation wants to change that. Tickets can be purchased here.

On Tuesday, October 4, from 19:30, at Rezidența9, it will be possible to watch the documentary H2Omx (2014, Mexico, dir. José Cohen, Lorenzo Hagerman). The largest city in the northern hemisphere of the planet, Mexico City, is facing an unprecedented water crisis although, paradoxically, rain is a very common phenomenon in this mega-city. H20mx explores the inconvenient truth in depth, through an extraordinary foray into the streets and homes of Mexico City, through interviews with specialists, residents, and through a series of panoramic images that provide an urban perspective on the problem. The entry is free!

And on Wednesday, October 5, from 7:30 p.m., at the Apollo111 Theatre, the audience is waiting for Honeyland (2019, North Macedonia, dir. Tamara Kotevska, Ljubomir Stefanov), a fascinating documentary about beekeeping and the essential role that these intelligent beings have it in the balance of the planet. One of the most awarded films of 2019 at the Sundance Film Festival and a double Oscar nominee, Honeyland takes viewers to an archaic land stuck in time, where one of the last beekeepers in Europe using traditional beekeeping techniques tries to protect the future these insects and keep the peace between the past and the future. Tickets available here.

The screening of Honeyland will be followed by a conversation with Loïc van Cutsem from BeeOdiversity, one of the most important bee protection associations in Europe. Loïc van Cutsem is present in Bucharest to participate in the Climate Change Summit – Solution for The Future, which will take place at the Odeon Theater between October 4-5.

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