The Romanian state to start from scratch on acquisition of Brâncuși’s ‘Wisdom of Earth’ sculpture

The Romanian Government has decided to resume the purchase proceeding of the ‘Wisdom of the Earth’ sculpture by Constantin Brâncuși, the Government spokesman Dan Suciu announced after Thursday’s weekly sitting.

“We shall have all details from the Culture Ministry as soon as possible. This purchase process is to be resumed,” Suciu stated, explaining that the procedure involves the appointment of a new committee to handle the acquisition and make new assessments.

“All these approaches will be resumed and reanalysed. It will be an important target of the Government to conclude the proceeding. We obviously know the prices and the talks that the former committee has had with the owners of this masterpiece, but I consider the 140th anniversary of Constantin Brâcuși’s birth is an important moment for the Government to resume the purchase process,” the spokesman pointed out.

Read the story of the failed negotiation of the famous sculpture here.

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