Renowned Romanian soprano Mariana Nicolesco dies at 73

Romanian iconic soprano Mariana Nicolesco died at the age of 73, the Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca announced in a Facebook post.

“This evening brings us to a moment of parting with a memorable star of the lyrical world! Sorrowful, we say goodbye to Primadonna Assoluta: MARIANA NICOLESCO. Described in words such as Regina del Belcanto, Primadonna Assoluta or Diva Divina, Mariana Nicolesco leaves after all, a universe that she enriched immeasurably with her presence in this world,” the post reads.

Appointed Commander of the Italian Republic, Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters in France, Mariana Nicolesco was awarded with the National Order Star of Romania in Grand Cross “for exceptional merits, as a sign of high appreciation for her entire career”.

A study says that, in the history of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, she is the soprano who featured in the most absolute premieres. Invited by Pope John Paul II, Mariana Nicolesco sang the wonderful Romanian carols at the First Christmas Concert in the Vatican, transmitted and watched by over a billion people. Just a few of the many historical moments that became memorable through the involvement of the soprano,” the Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca also says.

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