Untold boss denies sexual abuse allegations

Bogdan Buta, the owner of Untold, gave his first statements after being accused of sexually abusing two minors. Buta allegedly abused two minors, aged 15 and 16, in 2021, according to ziardecluj.ro.

The truth is the following and very simple. The sci-fi scenario plotted and presented in the material is only the result of sick minds, blackmailers and criminals of the lowest kind. If one wants to stoop to the level of this filth it is one’s choice. I will not descend into this mire, but will choose the path of justice as the only form of interaction with these criminals. There will be no other position or interaction on the subject, other than lawsuits or criminal complaints,” said Bogdan Buta in a statement to the media.

The police in Cluj opened an investigation after one of the founders of Untold, Bogdan Buta, was accused in the press of having sexual relations with two minors in 2021. The police state though that no reports or criminal complaints have been received regarding this information and that it carries out all the necessary activities in order to clarify this case.
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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    Where ever there is smoke, then there must be a fire somewhere. The real questions are: who are the minors and what where these minors doing in that money making machine environment called UNTOLD.