Bucharest to Welcome Dedicated Video Game Museum

The Association of Archives and Projects for Video Game Preservation (AAPCJV) aims to establish the Video Games Museum in Bucharest, in collaboration with the Romanian Video Game Developers Association (RGDA) and through private donations. This initiative seeks to safeguard and showcase the legacy of Romanian and global video games, recognizing their cultural significance across generations.

According to a press release, the official opening of the Museum of Video Games is planned for the last quarter of 2024, with the location of the museum to be announced soon.
For this initiative, AAPCJV has co-opted into the project team Andreas Lange, the curator of the ComputerSpieleMuseum in Berlin, the largest video game museum in Europe, who will take care of the universal wing of the museum.
The Video Games Museum will offer visitors a journey through the history of video games, showing their evolution from simple pixels to complex universes that fascinate the imagination. The exhibits will feature a wide range of artefacts including game consoles, original software, concept art and developer interviews, creating an immersive and educational experience for all ages.
Among the games present in the museum, visitors will be able to interact with the first game developed in Romania, Astro 64, in 1978, by Viorel Darie for the Felix C-256 calculator.
“Interactive games are what distinguish us from primates. Since the beginning of homo sapiens, people have played analog games. In the last 50 years, we have started playing digitally, and our realities are succeeding from virtual to real. We also have the new Flappy Bird and the eternal Princess Peach on our phone. It’s totally normal to be nostalgic, and it’s okay to think you’re a video game character. Imagine a journey from Pong to Mario, an Xbox, next to a Tetris, which is opposite a Solitaire, where two moves to the left lead to Quake, and where above is Prince of Persia seen through the new Apple Vision . The interactive history of humanity in RGB, with hundreds of consoles and thousands of games. This will be the Video Games Museum,” said Miloš Jovanović, Creative Director, AAPCJV Co-Founder.
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