Carpathia Bike Tour kicks off registration for the 3rd edition

Carpathia Bike Tour, an event organized by the Conservation Carpathia Foundation, together with the COBOR Biodiversity Farm, invites cycling and nature enthusiasts on June 8, to the 3rd edition. This year’s event comes with an extended route and an experience to live in the Transylvanian Hills.

The event promotes cycling and highlights the biodiversity, history and culture of local communities. The participants are invited to pedal along a route of approximately 80 km through the beautiful and historic villages of Transylvania, on the winding roads that cross the hills scented with the perfume of flowers, through the cool forests, but also on the roads with little traffic.

The COBOR Biodiversity Farm is where cyclists will stop for lunch, but also to discover a green, nature-friendly business that supports the development of a community. For the first time, the tour will pass through Viscri, a UNESCO site.

The tour starts at the Rupea Citadel and continues through Homorod, Ungra, Crihalma, Ticuș and reaches Cobor, where the COBOR Biodiversity Farm will await the cyclists with the traditional goulash from the steppe, as well as other surprises. The route continues to Jibert, Dacia, Viscri, with a return to Dacia, then to Rupea. The final is at Rupea Fortress.

With a medium to advanced difficulty, the route can be completed on MTB, cross-country or trekking bikes. The tour is recommended for trained cyclists, who have completed tours of similar distances, with the same degree of difficulty. Protective equipment for public roads, compliance with traffic rules, but also compliance with the speed imposed by the organizer for riding in a platoon are mandatory.

The stop at Cobor will take the cyclists through the history of the oldest Transylvanian village, affected by the depopulation of the first decades after the 90s. Here they will visit the COBOR Biodiversity Farm, an initiative of the Conservation Carpathia Foundation, the steppe herons, the Carpathian shepherds that the Foundation raises to donate to farmers to prevent conflicts with wild animals, and the horses in the sanctuary. COBOR Biodiversity Farm is located in rural Transylvania, surrounded by pastures of high natural value, in a settlement first attested in 1206. It stands out thanks to its sustainable, nature-friendly agriculture model and the project to reintroduce the Steppe Sura, a species of historical cattle, almost extinct in Transylvania.

A ticket costs RON 95 and is available at

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