Criteria for Selecting a Reputable Listing of Sports Betting Sites by BetZillion Expert Tim Harrison

Sports Betting: A Guide to Choosing the Best Sports Betting Sites – Tips by Tim Harrison.

Sports betting is one of the oldest and most common forms of gambling worldwide. It is a gambling activity involving placing money on a bet. Bettors must correctly predict a sporting event’s outcome to win money.

While wagering on sports like football, tennis, rugby, and basketball is undoubtedly a part of sports betting, it also involves placing bets on entertainment.

Since sports betting gained popularity, it has become a go-to means for players who want to put their prediction skills to the test. Although several bookmakers’ bettors patronize to place their bets, not all of them are safe. However, we’ve decided to provide this guide to obtain a reputable listing of betting companies for bettors.

In an interview with The Romania Journal, Tim Harrison, a betting expert at BetZillion, spoke on choosing the best betting sites.

How to Choose the Best Sports Betting Site

Several factors are essential when choosing your preferred bookmaker. To aid bettors in making good choices, we’ve listed essential criteria.

  1. Licensing

Whatever location you decide to wager from, your bookmaker needs to be licensed. It ensures that the data and information you provide to the website are safe and secure. These sports betting sites are usually controlled by a gaming board who are responsible for regulating betting activities and gaming laws to protect bettors

Also, licensing demonstrates the reliability of the betting company and gives you peace of mind knowing that you will receive your payout when you win your bets. 10bet, Betway, Bet365, and other reputable bookmakers are some licensed sports betting sites that players can wager on.

  1. Betting Markets

A betting market comprises a list of odds provided by sports betting sites, allowing players to predict the results of various sporting events.

You will also discover that on these sites, there are betting market subcategories, each having a distinct set of odds and a different selection of wagering options. Match Winners, Totals, Correct Scores, and Draw No Bet are expected in a betting market.

So, for a sports betting site to rank as top, it has to offer an extensive betting market that allows players to experiment with various options.

  1. Betting Odds

One of the most vital components of a sports betting site is the betting odds. It is because it enables players to maximize their earnings. A slight difference in these odds across different betting sites can reveal a lot about how much you stand to gain, which is why choosing s top bookmaker with the best odds is essential.

  1. User Interface and Navigation

One of the things that bettors look forward to on a sports betting site is the User Interface. Once the UI is poor, it becomes difficult for players to interact with the website. So it’s crucial to join a betting site that offers the best user experience and also allows ease of movement through the various site’s features.

  1. Bonuses and Promotions

Many bettors would ignore a betting site that doesn’t offer promotions and bonuses. It is to you that proposals are essential to choosing a bookmaker. So, ensure that the bookmaker you intend to join offers incentives to its members. Usually, new bettors are advised to sign up with betting platforms that offer a welcome bonus. It will help them get used to betting without risking their money.

  1. Live Betting/ Streaming

For seasoned bettors, live betting is a must-have feature. It involves placing bets on sporting events while they are happening.

Aside from providing live games for wagering, offering a feature that gives data and statistics to aid bettors during these games is essential. It is because it enables players to read games better. Also, look into the different markets the bookmaker provides during live games

The live streaming option is also an important criterion when choosing a sports betting site because there may be moments when you won’t be in front of your TV. This feature is very beneficial if you’re a fan of in-play bets, allowing you to wager and watch games on the platform.

  1. Payment Methods

The payment methods available on a betting site are very crucial since they let you deposit and withdraw money. I’m sure you won’t want to get a limitation in payment options when you want to place a quick bet or when you eagerly need the funds in your betting account.

To avoid getting stuck when you need to urgently fund your betting account, pitch your tent with a bookmaker offering various payment options. Ensure you find out if the bookmaker has a convenient payment method before you sign up for an account. The standard payment methods include debit and credit cards, mobile payments, bank transfers, payment platforms, and others.

  1. Mobile Application

Mobile application is one of the innovations most betting sites have embraced recently. It allows players to bet on the go, saves data, and is faster, which is why players prefer to use it in place of the web version. It’s also a fantastic tool for in-play.

Usually, a bookmaker should provide a mobile app compatible with all devices, including iOS and Android, to ensure all customers can access it. Due to these qualities, these betting companies place the utmost importance on creating a mobile app for their members – an essential factor in choosing a sports betting site.

  1. Customer Service

As a smart bookmaker, making it easy for customers to reach you is vital. Because a betting site has all the necessary qualities does not mean that they can’t have bad days. So, when such occurs, having reliable customer service to reach out to is essential.

The best customer support methods available include live chats, email addresses, phone numbers, social media platforms, etc.

How to Place a Sport Bet

Now that you understand the criteria for choosing a betting site, how can you place bets on these sites?

It is pretty straightforward. Below is a step-by-step guide:

  • Visit the website of the betting platform of your choice.
  • Go to your desired sport and choose your bet type.
  • Then select the odds attached to your bet.
  • As you choose the odds for each game, it will appear on your bet slip.
  • Then enter your stake amount and submit your bet.


Your choice of bookmaker has its way of impacting your betting activity. So, by choosing the best sports betting website, you can improve your chances of winning and enjoy a wonderful experience. However, if you choose an unsafe or fake betting site, you’ll lose so much. That is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight essential factors you must consider to choose the best betting sites. So, if you are yet to read this guide, you may need to do so before joining a bookmaker.

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