Gaming Marathon, due this Sunday, is dedicated to the women in the gaming industry

Gaming Marathon, the largest Romanian online gaming festival, celebrates its 4th anniversary with an edition in which it reaffirms its support for the girls and women interested in pursuing a career in the gaming industry.

Popular streamers joining the event have prepared a series of exciting activities and surprises for their communities. From exclusive interviews with successful women in the industry who create video games to unique experiences and competitions with great prizes, event attendees can watch all the action on Sunday, 24th of March from 10AM on .

This Sunday, for more than 15 hours, 25 content creators and their communities of hundreds of thousands of video game enthusiasts will encourage young women who want to work in the gaming industry. Whether they aspire to become content creators on streaming platforms, prepare for a career as professional gamers in e-sports competitions or be part of the game development process, this event presents possible role models and offers practical advice from successful experts.

“We started this event during pandemic, encouraging gamers to stay at home and socialize through video games. In the meantime, Gaming Marathon has become a recurring event, keeping this socially responsible DNA and managing to gather, cumulatively in its 4 years of existence, more than 7 million participants. With this power of communication, we want to use it in this edition to encourage women to work and perform in the gaming industry”, said Tudor Dăescu, co-founder of Gaming Marathon.

A successful career in the game development industry  

On several streams during the event, girls interested in pursuing a career in the game development industry will learn how they can get into the industry. Programmer, artist, business analyst or user experience specialist? Antonia Nuckle and Bobospider will talk to representatives from Amber, a Romanian video game development studio with offices around the world, about the opportunities for women and offer practical advice on how to enter this dynamic industry and the different disciplines that go into developing a video game.

Creative challenges

Jaxi, one of the renowned streamers in the gaming community, has prepared a special surprise for the girls in his audience. In order to promote and support women’s involvement in gaming, Jaxi will randomly select four girls from its community and invite them to participate in a special Counter-Strike 2 match. The four lucky girls will be rewarded for their efforts with high-performance peripherals.

Two other iconic figures of the gaming community, Antonia Nuckle and Reddysh, are training for a trip back in time. The two streamers will share exciting stories about the beginnings of their careers, rediscovering the games that marked their childhood, explore the retro vibes of games such as Hercules, Tarzan and Counter-Strike 1.6, and comment on the evolution of games from then to now.

Financial education for the younger generation

Trissmery and Tedereu bring to the forefront the importance and impact of financial education among young people through an innovative and engaging approach. Using the latest digital version of one of the world’s most popular games, Monopoly, the two will face each other in a series of friendly challenges designed to test their community’s financial knowledge. Through this interactive experiment, the two streamers aim to highlight how understanding financial concepts can influence young people’s future financial decisions.

Which are the favorite characters of Romanian players? 

Continuing the tradition of bringing interactivity to each edition, the first Gaming Marathon of 2024 includes a special survey dedicated to streamers and their communities. The main objective of this survey is to gain a deeper understanding of Romanian gamers’ preferences for main and secondary characters in the most popular games of the moment. Survey participants will have the opportunity to express their opinions and preferences, thus contributing to shaping the future direction of the gaming industry. In addition, those who get involved will be eligible to win gaming peripherals, providing additional motivation for participation.

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