Ice Hockey: Romania qualifies to Group B of World Championship Division I after defeating Spain

Romania’s ice hockey national team has qualified to Group B of the World Championship Division I after defeating Spain 6-0 (1-0, 2-0, 3-0) on Sunday in Galati, in the last match of Group A, Division II.

Romania thus promotes after one year to the third world echelon, after winning the tournament in Galati (eastern Romania), although it was defeated by Iceland.

Matches: Romania vs. Belgium 9-1, Romania vs. Serbia 4-1, Romania vs. Iceland 0-2, Romania vs. Australia 5-1 and Romania vs. Spain 6-0.

In the standings, Romania is first with 12 point, followed by Australia – 11, Serbia – 8, Belgium – 6, Iceland – 6, Spain – 2.

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