Norway slams Romanian children’s presence at the football tie game on National Arena. FRF retorts

The football encounter between Romania and Norway ended in a tie game, 1-1, in the presence of almost 30,000 Romanian children and their attendants on Tuesday night. Romania’s national football has been sanctioned by UEFA over the incidents during the match with Spain, so the game with Norway was played behind closed gates. However, UEFA allowed children under 14 in small group accompanied by one or two adult attendants.
So, last night, 29,854 children and attendants were at the match with Norway on National Arena.
However, the children’s presence has been slammed by the Norwegian side, both by journalists and the staff from the football team, as they complained of the “uproar” caused by the kids.
Dagsavisen underlined the “the loud noise” at the stadium, saying the Norwegian team was welcomed in uproar ever since the training. “Tribal loud noises in Bucharest”, said another Norwegian newspaper.
In their turn, the Norwegian coach and some players voiced their discontent against the UEFA decision to allow the children to attend the match.
The assistant coach of the Norway’s team, Per Joar Hansen, said the children’s presence “was a joke”, “a mock”, a “zero sanction”.
It is one of UEFA’s jokes. I don’t understand how it’s possible to allow so many spectators, adults and children, to attend a match where you are supposed to give a sanction. The children were taught to make noise as much as possible. They were told what to chant on the loudspeakers. All became a parody,” said
Hansen, according to Dagbladet newspaper.
It was one of the most unfairest decisions of UEFA I have ever met. But we must not blame the result on that“, said coach Lars Lagerback.

In retort, the technical director of the Romanians Football Federation (FRF), Mihai Stoichita, said the match had been beyond reproach and it had been a “tremendous” responsibility, as it involved the presence of so many children. As for the Norwegian side’s accusations, Stoichita replied that next time the match will be relocated to the Opera stage “to have total silence”.

How dare the Norwegian press say we had tribal shouts? Next time, we’ll relocate the match on the stage of the Opera House to have total silence. This is football, you express your emotions by shouting. There had been nothing trivial, nothing improper last night regarding the conduct of these wonderful little supported”, the FRF official stated.


Romania’s followers were deemed to have engaged in racist chanting, as their team took on Spain and Malta in September.

Additionally, Romania supporters invaded the field of play, set off fireworks and threw objects, according to UEFA.

The Romanian Football Federation was ordered to ensure the next UEFA competition match was played behind closed doors, with a second game subject to a one-year probationary suspension.

Financial penalties were also dished out, with fines of EUR 83,000 for the Romanian Football Federation.

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