Rugby: Romania has qualified for the World Cup following Belgium’s win against Spain. The Oaks will play the opening match

Although Romania’s national representative lost the match against Georgia 25-16 in the last leg of the Rugby Europe International Championship – REIC, Romania has earned a seat at the World Cup next year, with help coming from Belgium, which defeated Spain.

Romania lost 25-16 (10-6) in Georgia in Tbilisi, but it was lucky, as Belgium defeated Spain (18-10) and Romania has qualified in the last one hundred meters to the World Cup.

In the match against Georgia the point were scored by Andrei Radoi, an attempt in the game’s extra time, scored by Vlaicu, and three other free kicks made by the same Vlaicu in 11th, 40th and 62nd minutes.

Romania ended the group on the second place (after Georgia), thus succeeding in obtaining the tickets for the final tournament in 2019.

At CM 2019, Romania will be part of Group A, along with Japan (the host country), Ireland (recent winner of the Six Nations), Scotland and a team coming from the qualifications.

Romania will play the opening match against hosts Japan on September 20, on the Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo.

Romania has so far taken part to all eight World Cup competitions.

Group B includes New Zeeland (reigning world champions), South Africa, Italy, the winner of the African tournament and a winner from qualifications.

Group C: England, France, Argentina, the US and Tonga.

Group D: Australia, Wales, Georgia, Fiji and Uruguay.

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