Tennis: Ion Tiriac to coach Simona Halep at Wimbledon

Businessman Ion Tiriac, former tennis player, will coach Simona Halep, 7th WTA, during the Wimbledon Grand Slam.

Considered one of the best tennis coaches in the history of tennis, Tiriac returns to the tennis courts in order to help Simona Halep, reports. He attended her training sessions and offered advices.

“Go forward, don’t look! You don’t stay in one place after you hit the ball, don’t look after the ball, return to your place!” Tiriac told Halep during the training, informs.

Displeased by the training, Tiriac stopped the training and urged her to stay close to the backline when receiving the service.

“Do me a favour, after this I’ll go home. Get on the court, two steps forward and stay there for the return ball. Do what I say!” Tiriac said.

Tiriac told the former no.1 WTA to use more often the slices and to attack, not just return the ball.

“This is the best shot on this court, if you know to hit it! More slice, less speed. That’s the way to go! Hit the ball, don’t push it. Don’t forget, you need to step back all the time. If you win the point, then you make another step back, in order not to forget,” Tiriac told Halep.

Tiriac got involved in Simona’s schedule as well, he requested her to cancel the presence to the official party at Wimbledon and to the press conference.

Simona Halep is to face on Monday, at 15.00h, Aliaksandra Sasnovich (Belarus, 36th WTA) in the first round at Wimbledon. It is the first match between the two tennis players.

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