The Romanian Football Federation contradicts the Hungarian one: UEFA did not authorize the use of flags with Great Hungary

The Romanian Football Federation states, on Wednesday, in a press release, that UEFA did not authorize the request of the Hungarian Football Federation that the supporters display the flag of Great Hungary at international matches, as announced by the forum in Budapest.

The Romanian Football Federation considers protecting the integrity of football as a fundamental value of the European sports model, which must be respected by every party involved. The FRF asked the forum in Nyon for the official point of view regarding the announcement of the Hungarian Football Federation. As a result of the response received from UEFA, we make the following clarifications: UEFA has not authorized and will not authorize the display of the symbols mentioned by the Hungarian Football Federation at matches organized at European level; We believe that the Hungarian Football Federation was wrong to make the respective announcement, as the display of these symbols represents a deviation from the provisions of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations (messages with provocative and/or political content), and the FRF will certainly notify the disciplinary commissions, if necessary,” says a press release of the Romanian Football Federation, published on the official website.

At the same time, the Romanian Football Federation recalls that “revisionism is not accepted in football and has confidence in the UEFA disciplinary commissions that they will sanction the display of this symbol with the potential to incite hatred and violence at matches in European competitions”.

The Hungarian Football Federation had announced on Tuesday that it had received, following an approach made to UEFA, the acceptance that its supporters could display the flag of Great Hungary, with regions of neighboring countries, such as Transylvania, as a “historical symbol”, without political connotations.

Accepting the FMF’s arguments, the two organizations (UEFA and FARE – n.r.) admitted that the use of the colors of the historical map of Hungary and the Árpád strip do not constitute racist behavior, but this does not apply to other additional symbols and inscriptions placed on the flags, as well as to the chants of the fans. Therefore, the Federation will allow the use of these flags in the next two matches,” reads a press release from the Hungarian Football Federation.

Viktor Orban’s controversial scarf with Greater Hungary Hungary’s

Prime Minister Viktor Orban caused a scandal last November after he showed up at a Hungarian national team match with a scarf printed with the map of Greater Hungary, which makes part and a piece of Transylvania. The images were published on his Facebook page. The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to the gesture of the Hungarian Prime Minister, transmitting in a statement that “any manifestation of a revisionist type, regardless of the form it takes, is unacceptable”. The MFA conveyed the message to the Hungarian ambassador in Bucharest.

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