The Tour of Romania will be broadcast in 50 countries via Eurosport

For the first time in history, Romanian cycling and landscapes will be watched by over 100 million people.

The Romanian Cycling Federation and Auchan Retail Romania have entered into a partnership with Eurosport for the broadcast of the summaries of the Tour of Romania, one of the most prestigious road cycling races in South-Eastern Europe.

Thus, during the period 6-11 September, extended summaries of each stage of the Tour of Romania will be able to be watched daily in 50 countries, including Romania, being the first time that the competition is broadcast internationally, like all other great cycling tours.

Out of the desire to promote the country’s beauties, the Little Loop route, made up this year of over 850 km, is built in such a way as to highlight important tourist areas in Romania.

Thus, the platoon made up of 24 teams from 15 countries will cross reference regions such as Lăpuşului Country in Maramureș, Transylvania Hills, Făgăraş Country, but also the most spectacular road in the country – Transfăgărășan.

The competition will kick off on September 6 in Libertatii Square in Satu Mare with a prologue race, followed by five rounds:

  • Round 1 (7 September): Satu Mare – Bistrița
  • Round 2 (8 September): Bistrița – Târgu Mureș
  • Round 3 (9 September): Târgu Mureș – Făgăraș
  • Round 4 (10 September): Cristian – Curtea de Argeș
  • Round 5 (11 September): Race in Bucharest

Locally, the competition will be available on Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 in the form of extended stage summaries. The half-hour broadcasts will be commented by Manolo Terzian, Eurosport expert and voice of the Tour de France, and will cover the most important events of the race in Romania.

24 professional teams from countries such as Spain, Colombia, China, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, USA or Bulgaria, including 2 pro-continental teams: CAJA RURAL, located for the first time in Romania, DROPPER DRONE HOPPER – ANDRONI GIOCATTOLI, a team with a history of racing in Romania, have already confirmed their presence in the Tour of Romania. The national teams of Romania and Bulgaria are also entered in the competition, as well as all three continental teams from Romania: MENTORISE ELITE TEAM CFX, GIOTTI VICTORIA SAVINI DUE and TEAM NOVÁK.

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