Weightlifting: Romanian athletes win 13 medals

Athlete Razvan Martin won on Thursday a gold medal and two silver medals in the 77 kg category at the European Weightlifting Championships in Izvorani, near Bucharest.

Martin won the snatch event by lifting 158 kg, followed by Spaniard Andres Mata (157 kg) and the third was the Latvian Ritvars Suharevs (156 kg), hotnewws.ro informs.

In snatch and total, Răzvan Martin got the silver medal, with 185 kg in jerk and 343 kg in total. The European title was won by German Nico Muller (191 kg at the snatch, 346 kg in total) and third was Andres Mata (185 kg in snatch, 342 in total).

Also on Thursday, Loredana Toma won three gold medals and Irina Leepsa won three silver medals at the 63 kg category.

Loredana Toma was first in the snatch (105 kg), jerk (131 kg) and total (236 kg) and Lepşa was second (97 kg snatch, 122 kg jerk, 219 kg in total).

Romania has thus won 13 medals since the start of the competition. Hitherto the medals were won by Elena Andries – three gold medals (snatch, jerk and total) at 48kg, Ilie Ciotoiu – two bronze (jerk and total) at 56 kg; Ionut Ilie – two bronze (snatch and total) at 62 kg; Andrea Penciu – silver (snatch) and bronze (total) at 58 kg; Maria Gregoriou – bronze (snatch) at 58 kg; Paul Dumitraşcu – silver (snatch) at 69 kg; Loredana Toma – gold (snatch) at 63 kg, Irina Lepşa – silver (snatch) – 63 kg.




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