What is the name of the person who gave Simona Halep the contaminated supplement?

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) explained on Thursday the decision to suspend Simona Halep for 4 years and revealed the name of the person who recommended the contaminated supplement, the one that the former WTA leader blames for the positive test with roxadustat at the US Open 2022 .

ITIA published a 126-page document in which it presents the accusations against Simona and how the athlete defended herself at the hearing in London (June 28, 29).

“Halep claims the presence of roxadustat in her system was caused by a contamination of a collagen supplement she used in late August 2022, which she says could not have been reasonably suspected by her or anyone on her team “, the ITIA press release states.

The collagen supplement was recommended to Simona Halep by Candice Gohier of the Mouratoglou Academy. This is the first foreign physiotherapist in the career of the double Grand Slam winner.

​”On August 17, Simona Halep withdrew from the tournament in Cincinnati with a right thigh injury, but she still had high hopes for the US Open. At that point, her physical therapist, Candice Gohier, recommended that she add a collagen supplement to her diet, since she wasn’t taking one. Based on a recommendation from Frederic Lefebvre (who was the director of the physical training department at Mouratoglou Academy) to Candice Gohier, she recommended Simona 3 products from one manufacturer. Halep had not heard of those supplements before. He asked if Gohier had checked them and was told yes.

Halep and Gohier also checked the container together and noticed that there was no banned substance on the ingredients list. Halep also checked with coach Mouratoglou, who told her that all 3 products were safe to use since no banned substances were listed on the label and they did not appear to be risky. Halep was aware of the possibility of supplements being contaminated and made sure the products were vetted and recommended by experts in the field. All 3 supplements were ordered by Gohier on August 16, 2022 and shipped directly by the distributor to Gohier in New York. The player then started using the 3 supplements in mid-August 2022,” ITIA’s reasoning reads.

According to GSP, Gohier is a former table tennis player. She studied at L’Institut de Formation en Masso-Kinéséthérapie de Berck-sur-Mer (France), was employed by the French Basketball Federation for 2 years and 4 months and has been working at the Mouratoglou Academy since May 2020.

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