What Next For Emma Raducanu

When it comes to any tennis player, the aim is to win at least one Grand Slam during their career and although many will never reach such a promised land, a handful of aces will manage to earn themselves top honours.

Honours that may come in the twilight of such a career and only once the requisite experience has been cultivated after years of swapping serves with their opponents. Which means until then, it is an incredible amount of toil that awaits anyone aiming to go all the way.

Then again, there are also some who find themselves with a rocket propelled to their back and it only takes a sensational win at the relative start of your career, for that same career to be turned upside down overnight.

Something that has certainly happened to Emma Raducanu and after earning a stunning Grand Slam win in this year’s US Open, the tennis world has a new starlet to call their own. A starlet who now has to deal with a rather pertinent question and one that asks, what is next for the teenager?

Because although nobody can take away her US Open success – and to be honest why would you? It has perhaps thrust the Brit into something of a new frontier and although she dealt with her opponents as Flushing Meadow perfectly, she now has to deal with life thereafter.

Life that quite frankly will never be the same and although that in itself sounds rather alarming, it does not necessarily mean that both doom and gloom are on the agenda. It’s more the fact that everyone wants a soundbite or a photo with tennis’ newest star.

Such was the shock of the 19-year-old’s success in September, that the sports betting sites were caught somewhat unaware and if bettors had the foresight to back Raducanu from the off, they would have made a rather handsome profit by the end of the tournament.

While a handsome profit is something that our newly created star would have made after getting the better of Leylah Fernandez in the US Open final and it is not just profit from victory at the Arthur Ashe Stadium either.



Now any company worth their weight in gold, will be wanting to link up with current British number 1 ranked player and with a rise up the world rankings to 20 also taking place, there is no doubt Raducanu is certainly a hot commodity right now.

A commodity that can simply name her price when it comes to sponsorship or endorsements and although it would be easy to sign every deal that is thrust in her direction, sometimes less may end up being more.

If only due to the fact that with every endorsement that is signed, it means these companies then want their pound of flesh so to speak and although contracts may be inked, it could also mean focus on the court is diminished.

Which may create a difficult balancing act between the glitz of the showbiz world and the grind of the tennis environment. An act that if cannot be balanced appropriately, could mean that current British and World rankings may increase in number.

Then again, this is all conjecture and there is no doubt that Raducanu possesses a huge amount of maturity beyond her years. Maturity that was clearly on display when the US Open was won with ease just a few months ago.

While that maturity was also on show during the inadvertent war of words with England’s Rugby Union coach Eddie Jones and although the Australian said his words were taken out of context, the direction in which they travelled did little to faze the recipient.

Which just goes to show that Raducanu is a player, who has a head firmly screwed onto her shoulders and even if the sponsorship deals do become larger in profile – and rightly so, then it will offer little in the way of detriment to her all-round game.

Now the next task in her relatively short career, is to make sure that her US Open success of 2021 is not just a flash in the pan and with a litany of teenagers already inspired to pick up a tennis racquet, Raducanu is set to be the face of British tennis’ next generation.

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