2nd edition Taste of Transylvania festival next week

Chefs, entrepreneurs from the HoReCa industry, local producers and enthusiasts of traditional dishes and tastes gather between September 14 and 17 at the second edition of the gastronomic festival “Taste of Transylvania” organized at the Boros Holiday Village, for an event designed to showcase the cuisine of Transylvania on the international gastronomic map.

The “Taste of Transylvania” festival aims to promote and protect the ingredients and gastronomic traditions specific to this region. The organizers linked this idea with the concept of low waste, which means that the exhibitors and speakers have a list of prohibited ingredients. The list includes seafood, exotic fruits and vegetables, avocado and any ingredient that is not at all specific or traditional in Transylvania. Instead, the use of local ingredients is encouraged, thus reducing the ecological footprint of the festival.

According to the strategy that we have been implementing for years with determination, we consider that a major opportunity for the Transylvanian economy can be the combination of agriculture and tourism. Our goal is to raise the level of Transylvanian gastronomy, to write the first success story, by introducing and presenting it on the world market, thus demonstrating that the common and simultaneous development of agriculture and tourism proposed in 2017 has borne fruit,” said Monika Kozma, Executive Director of the Pro Economica Foundation.

This year “Taste of Transylvania” will also have a day dedicated to professionals, because on Thursday, September 14, representatives of the HoReCa industry and other similar industries are expected in Boros. This day will be an excellent opportunity for networking and getting to know the products, services and representations of the various actors in this sector: 22 exhibitors and 40 speakers are waiting for the guests, who will be able to taste the delicacies offered by them throughout the territory of the holiday village , at the most delicious festival in Transylvania.

In addition to the main stage in the events area, this year an additional stage is being built on the hill within the holiday village, where gastronomic presentations and additional cultural programs will take place. The big tent will acquire new functions: in addition to tasting the various menus offered by the exhibitors, it will also host folk dance events and other musical programs.

In this location, 50 chefs, divided into groups of four, will cook a menu, each group continuing the work of the previous group. The purpose of this initiative is to provide an opportunity for collaboration to chefs who have not yet had the opportunity to work together. The other novelty of the festival is the champagne bar: “this is much more than a simple bar with drinks. Here we want to show the beauty and tranquility of the landscape of Ghimes”.

The organizer said that this location will be set up on Apahavas, a peak near the holiday village and dedicated races will be organized for interested people. Here guests will be able to enjoy a breathtaking panorama and relax with a glass of champagne or wine.

Drone show – the surprise element of the festival

One of the most spectacular programs of this year’s festival will be the biggest drone show in Romania.

During the weekend, the organizers invite you twice, on Friday and Saturday evening, to a spectacular adventure, when no less than 320 drones take off like the biggest bear of all time, towering over the spectators.

Visual Europe Group guarantees that the symbols of the festival, of gastronomy and of our traditions will shine on the two evenings in September and that we will cook such a big soup in the sky of Lunca de Jos, as the world has never seen before!

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