Budget rectification in sight, Finances to get highest amounts. Fin Min criticizes the Ministry of Transport

The Finances, Labour and Interior ministries are among the budget rectification winners, while the Transports and Healthcare will see their budgets cut, according to the Ordinance draft law regarding the budget rectification published on the Public Finances Ministry (MFP) website.
The Public Finances will take the highest sums of money after the budget adjustment – RON 712 million at General Actions chapter and RON 530 million dedicated mainly for the ECHR decisions and the compensations for property restitution process, Agerpres informs.
The Interior Ministry (MAI) is going to receive RON 565.7 million, of which the main allocations – RON 305.3 million – will go to paying some labour rights, and RON 253.3 million to the unfolding of the external grant funded projects.
The Environment, Waters and Forests Ministry (MMAP) will receive an extra RON 305 million, of which RON 288 million is allocated to the post-adhesion external grant funded projects, while RON 17 million will be used to pay civil compensations.
The budget of the Labour Ministry wins over RON 1.22 billion, mainly to pay the increased child benefits, the pensions and allowances, while slashing the balancing transfers to the state social securities’ budget and the unemployment insurance by RON 1.07 billion; the balance result is plus RON 148.1 million.
On the other hand, the Transport Ministry’s budget will face a loss of RON 985 million, by cutting the budget provisions by RON 1 billion at “Post-adhesion external funding grants” and by adding the budget provisions with RON 14 million for “Foreign loans’ repayment.”
According to the said draft law, the Ministry of Health loses RON 613.9 million, of which RON 792.3 million in transfers to the single national fund for health insurance, and increases the sums dedicated to the external grant funded projects by RON 138.3 million and the investments in hospitals, in particular in the ICUs, by RON 43.8 million.
Thus, according to the above mentioned draft law, after the budget adjustment, the state budget balance on 2015 gains RON 287.1 million, while the expenditure increases by RON 1.12 billion.

Fin Min Teodorovici criticizes the Ministry of Transport

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici said on Sunday evening that the Transport Ministry has proven it can’t spent the money properly and is a disappointment every year, hence it would not receive more money through the budget rectification. “The ministry is not spending the allocated money and, in one way or another, that money involves the development of the entire economy. On one hand, they do not spend the money, on the other hand they ask for more money,” Teodorovici told Digi24 TV.
“I told them there will be no more talks on this issue. I want to see every project, to see the proof the money is spent by the end of October when another budget rectification is expected. If I give the money to Transports this means health and investments get less,” he added. Teodorovici also accused the Transport Ministry of lack of professionalism.

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