European Commission: Romania has absorbed EUR 57m in funding for 2014-2020

Romania has absorbed EUR 57 million in funding for 2014-2020, the money being attracted by the Rural Development Programme, according to the representatives of the European Commission in Brussels upon an Agerpres request.

The amount is EUR 57 million, but only for the Rural Development Programme. So there is no cohesion policy, it is another fund, it is a fund to which the accreditation process has to be completed because they use the same agencies as in the previous period. (…) On the cohesion policy and so on, currently the managing authorities are not accredited and therefore there can be no absorption. However, Romania is not the only country in this situation, the EC representatives say.

According to the Ministry of European Funds, for the financial framework 2014-2020 Romania has an allocation of about EUR 33 billion, detailed on Operational Programmes as follows: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – EUR 11.2 billion, Cohesion Fund (CF) – EUR 8.1 billion, the European Social Fund (ESF) – EUR 4.7 billion, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) – EUR 8.127 billion – pillar II, plus EUR 12.529 billion related to pillar I (direct payments), the European Fund for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs – EUR 0.17 billion, the European Fund for Helping Disadvantaged People – EUR 0.41 billion.

For the former financial framework 2007-2013, by end of June the current European funds absorption rate was of 76.69%.

Thus, the value of the declarations of expenditure submitted to the European Commission was of over EUR 14.6 billion on June 30. Regarding the effective absorption rate, the payouts from the EC, it was of 68.47% (EUR 13 billion).

For the Sectoral Operational Programme Increase of Economic Competitiveness the current absorption rate was 90.02%, the Operational Programme Technical Assistance – 97.71%, the Sectoral Operational Programme Environment the rate increased to 77.45%, the Regional Operational Programme – 83.91 %, the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development – 65.14%, the Sectoral Operational Programme Transport – 68.8% and the Operational Programme Development of Administrative Capacity – 98.66%.

For these programmes Romania has EUR 19.05 billion allocated.

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