Globalworth starts trading corporate bonds worth EUR 550m on the Bucharest Stock Exchange

Globalworth, a real estate investment firm, has begun on Monday the listing of corporate bonds worth EUR 550 million on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).

The admission to trade of the corporate bonds issued by the company, with the symbol GWI22, is the largest issue of this kind in the history of BVB.

“It is an extremely important moment for the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Globalworth begins trading bonds on the local stock exchange, and their value amounts to EUR 550 million, it is a significant investor on the capital market, and we are doing our best not to disappoint, as stock market. It is a major step on the capital market in Romania. The capital market in Romania is open for business and we expect new intentions. When investors ask for the bonds to be introduced on the stock market, this means they appreciate the level of liquidity and transparency that contributes to investor security. Therefore, it is very important that Globalworth bonds, as a result of global placements, begin trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. We are proud of this fact that confirms the historical evolution of the capital market In Romania,” Ludwik Sobolewski, CEO of BVB said at the conference to launch the trading of the Globalworth bonds.

In turn, Lucian Anghel, BVB president, underlined that the listing of Globalworth bonds on the BVB is a new benchmark for the Romanian capital market.

On the other hand, Paul Prodan, BT Capital Partners Chairman of the Board of Directors, said that the Globalworth bonds trading could be an example for other companies to come on the Romanian capital market.

Last but not least, Dimitris Raptis, Globalworth CEO and Chief Investment Officer, said: “It is an important moment for us, but also for the local capital market. We are talking about an important amount of money traded, which is a great opportunity. These bonds are some of the most important values ​​on the Romanian market. We are talking about EUR 550 million and that’s why I am delighted to make this step.”

According to the BVB, the GWI22 corporate bonds are traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in EUR at the nominal value of EUR 100,000 and the settlement will be completed in RON.

The Globalworth corporate bonds have also been admitted to trading on the regulated market of the Irish Stock Exchange.

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