History in reverse

The parliament’s go ahead for Mihai Razvan Ungureanu for a new mandate as SIE head brings to front several issues.
Firstly, three years ago the Ungureanu government was toppled by the PSD-PNL alliance (USL). The victory was on Victor Ponta’s side. Now, following the naming of Ungureanu as SIE head against Ponta’s and PSD’s wish, the situation has turned upside down.
Secondly, a new parliamentary majority takes shape as UNPR leader Gabriel Oprea deserted (on this issue) his PSD partners and voted in favour of Ungureanu. PSD seems to remain in governance with ALDE, but nothing is certain. Even the UDMR leader seems to get away from his former relationship with PSD. Kelemen Hunor said, during the debates on Tuesday, that it wasn’t easy for him when he stood beside Victor Ponta – some say this is the signal UDMR is taking a different path against PSD.
Recent speculations try to explain Gabriel Oprea’s stand. A complaint of plagiarism concerning the PhD thesis of interim Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea was filed recently with the Ethics Committee of the University of Bucharest. On the other hand, according to cotidianul.ro, sources say there is a file on Oprea’s name (no. 293/2014) concerning the period when he was at the helm of the Defence Ministry (2010-2012) for abuse of office and illegal naming or dismissal of high placed officers. Blackmail against Oprea with this file would explain his sudden U-turn in his stand regarding Ungureanu.
Thirdly, the vote on Tuesday was a certain victory for President Klaus Iohannis. He got his nominee appointed and, on the other hand, he managed to sketch a new parliamentary majority in the near future. PSD’s defeat, in spite of its efforts to boycott the parliamentary session, is obvious. Iohannis proved he is a player-president, although far from being as talkative as his predecessor.
There are rumours that several PSD MPs are secretly discussing with UNPR and Gabriel Oprea in order to join the party, ready to abandon the social-democrats’ ship before things get worse.
Fourthly, it looks like PSD itself is not feeling very well. Four MPs voted in favour of Ungureanu. Different factions within PSD emerge. Interim party leader Rovana Plumb tried to convince the PSD MPs not to join the plenum on Tuesday, while former party executive president Liviu Dragnea was supporting the idea of taking part to the plenum.
While Victor Ponta is in Turkey after the knee operation, things get worse for his party. The avalanche of corruption accusations against PSD members is certainly affecting its members and the party perspectives.
Fifthly, following the vote on Tuesday, one could draw the line and conclude that the ruling coalition, as it was known until recently, does not exist anymore. The members of this coalition are in disarray. Ponta is investigated for fraud and conflict of interest, Dragnea has already been sentenced with suspension, dozens of MPs are also accused by DNA of corruption. It’s a matter of time until PSD is to split into pieces, some say.
Last but not least, the support for Ungureanu shows another thing to Victor Ponta. Romania’s allies are said to have pressed to get his naming as SIE head. If this is true, as Ponta was on the opposite side, it is another signal that he is getting closer to the end of his political career.
Victor Lupu

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