Klaus Iohannis, officially Romania’s President as of Sunday

The new head of state to call parties for consultations soon, frames national consensus on R. Moldova and defense budget increasing. “There is no other way for Romania than the one of a country freed from corruption”, the new president told the swearing-in ceremony in Parliament.


Klaus Iohannis swore into office in a Parliament solemn joint session on Sunday. Iohannis came to the plenum hall accompanied by the Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu, where he got a big hand. The ceremony was attended by MPs, former Romania’s presidents Ion Iliescu and Emil Constantinescu, Patriarch Daniel, Roman-Catholic Archbishop Ioan Robu, Prince Radu, etc.

The new Romanian head of state said in his speech he is grateful and honored by the trust citizens granted to him by electing him president and assured he would be the president of all Romanians.

“I am deeply moved by the patriotism that stood behind the elections’ turnover, by Romanians’ aspiration of freedom and property. I thank you all my fellow countrymen for showing Romania’s real face to the world (…) I am taking the road with this commitment of the good job’s Romania”, Iohannis said in his speech.

“A clear understanding is needed at the level of the entire political class: there is no other way for Romania than the one of a country freed from corruption. I would like people to see at the end of my term that I have initiated lasting laws, that I have created reliable institutions. We have to get to work. Things are not going to happen over night. We shall have to face traps at every turn. I am glad there is will to begin talks for the Constitution revision. We all want Romania’s deep change on the whole. Mentalities need to change. I want a kind of Romania where there is no time for show. I want a strong nation,” Iohannis also said.

The new head of state informed in his speech he would call the political parties for consultations as soon as possible to agree on what national goals are to be assumed. “I shall call all political parties for consultations as soon as possible to agree on three basic matters: what country goals we all should assume on education, health and pensions issues, to decide on a test and permanent dialogue procedure and on a stage and action timetable in order to leave talking and begin acting”, Iohannis stated.

The new Romanian president proposed “a national consensus” on supporting Republic of Moldova’s European integration to the political parties, but to “all social actors” and to the academic environment as well. Iohannis also pledged to present Romania’s national defense strategy in the first six months of his term, while framing a national consensus on the need of rising the defense budget up to at least 2 percent of GDP. Later on in the evening, Klaus Iohannis announced on Facebook he invited PM Ponta on Monday to discuss about the ruling priorities.

Power shift ceremony at Cotroceni

After the swearing-in session in Parliament, Klaus Iohannis together with his wife went to Cotroceni Palace for the official power swift ceremony. He was welcomed by Traian Basescu who gave him the National Order “Star of Romania”, gold Sash rank. Then, the two had a short private conversation and after that, they introduced their presidential staffs.

Traian Basescu wished the new president and his wife good luck, offering Carmen Iohannis a bouquet of white roses, while Iohannis gave Maria Basescu a bouquet of pink roses.

After receiving military honours, Traian Basescu hailed the Guard of Honour, kissed the national flag and left Cotroceni Palace. While leaving what it used to be his office for ten years, Basescu was cheered by 300 supporters but also admonished by 100 opposers.

As for Iohannis, he gave a private reception at the Cotroceni Palace on Sunday evening, with about 200 guests attending it, according to the sources quoted by Mediafax. Famous public persons such as tennis player Simon Halep, actor Victor Rebengiuc, director Andrei Serban and wirter Andrei Plesu were among guests. The same sources said the reception began with the national anthem performed by Valentin Astanculesei, a young man who sang Romania’s anthem playing the piano at a station in Amsterdam.


Find more about Klaus Iohannis’ path to the presidential seat at http://www.romaniajournal.ro/klaus-iohannis-romanias-new-president-east-side-story-i/

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